Time to refit existing droids and buildout extra parts

OK. As the title says, it is time to update the droids, replace worn out parts and update old make shift stuff with new electronics. Also, I have had an old wooden initial droid that I had at Celebration 4 that I had abandoned. It is time to finish it out as well and make it functional.

The wooden droid isn’t your typical R2 wooden droid. It is encased in a fiberglass skin that is NOT removable. This poses some challenges in getting parts into place. In addition, the leg mounts using the gas pipe method never worked fully. The legs would always move no matter how they were secured.

A special plate was developed to solved this problem and to free up internal space within the droid. New electronics and plates were added as well.


IMG_0829IMG_0828IMG_0838 IMG_0832




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This JAG frame suffered a face plant damaging the front skins and doors. Also, the charging plate needed to be updated and new electronics needed to be replaced along with new dome drive, wider ankle locks, DPL plate replacement and electronics board refits. Also T. Seiko PS-050 servos for the Data probe and gripper arm will be installed along with motorized R2 arms. New skins are getting welded and will be painted to match. Also the single front vents will be replaced with a solid appliance.


IMG_0815 IMG_0814



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Disney Shoot in Montevideo, Uruguay

What a Thanksgiving day call I got! After a big meal at a friend 204of the family’s house I get a call from another friend asking….”….can you go to South America with your Droid? To which I replied “Sure!!! when do you want me to leave.. in 30 or 45 minutes?”’I actually thought it was a joke but it wasnt. In December I was down there with Estes, Chris and his wife. Along with Igor (the Disney rep) and Michael Healy doing a VW commercial. It was very nice and very educational as to how things got organized and setup..

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Wired Magazine Photoshoot & the Nerdist You Tube shoots with Chris Hardwick

005R5 finally got more love than R2!! Its about time too!! Wired Magazine contacted me last week (1/5/2013) and told me Chris Hardwick requested my R5 to be in a Wired Magazine shoot for his article. R5 will be on the cover but Its not an exclusive cover shot…he is playing a role…the droid that was always dissed. He also wanted my R5 to be in some special videos for the Nerdist. So they flew R5 and myself to LA for the shoot on 1/12/2013 at Smash box studios with members of the 501st…. as well as R2. The wired magazine cover and article pictures should be in the March edition but the Nerdist movies, etc should be available around February.

It was a closed set so no photos were allowed by anyone except the authorized photographers. Everyone’s phones were taped or put away…except for the one I got with Chris…. :)

It was a very interesting day. Even though I had My R5 there. I also was wrangling the other R2 droid because that operator was dresses up as a Wookie. His wife was also in the shoot as well but started to pass out so I took care of her since I am also a nurse. I was very busy that day! Never a dull moment… :)

Stand up to Cancer

039It was so nice to be part of this little movie and meet so many actors from the Hangover. It was very hard to keep quiet during the filming and for so long after we rapped up. But I had a great time! these guys were great and incredibly funny. One of the perks of being in Los Angeles and having an R2 unit close by. The filming went on for 2 days with actors and actresses playing multiple characters from Star War Films. It was great!!

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Rancho Cucamonga Star Wars Day

I had the honor of being asked to present R2-D2 at the Rancho Cucamonga Star Wars Day festival held at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center for the Rancho Cucamonga Library’s 4th Annual Star Wars extravaganza! It was a fascinating place packed tightly with lots of kids of all ages. They wanted to see what made R2-D2 “go” so I treated them to a PowerPoint presentation of the construction of R2 and then they got to see what was inside. It was standing room only for 2 showings. In between, he was out and about mingling and several times became the piped piper of sorts as all of the kids followed him (single file of course…yeah right) everywhere he went.