JAG Center Foot Caster Modification

The JAG center foot has the base skirt cut out to allow for unobstructed caster rotation. The Wheel used is a 60 durometer 2.5″ diameter, 1.25″wide wheel with a 5/16″axle bolt hole with a sealed bearing. You can get these from McCarr Master. Part number 2829T15. They are 6.94 each. I then got (2) 2″ SS. 5/16″ bolts with lock washers and nuts or you could use the nylon aircraft nuts. The frame for the caster is easily obtained from Home Depot. The part number is 3900309393. Take care to not just get any 2.5″ wheel. The others will not work. I found that only the item number listed above will fit. You will have to cut the plastic wheels off but that is not too difficult to do.