R5 Head Work Progress

DSC04053I decided to do a little work today on the R5 head. So I installed the sub plate, hinges and covers as well as removed the spun dome lines from the machining process. I also filled all of the gaps from the welding process and any defects from the various machine shops it had been in. It still has a ways to go before it gets painted but it was a good start. I need to get this dome polished really well so when it does get painted it will really stand out!


The R5 Dome



The R5 I have is a fiberglass head. I made the greeblies out of aluminum and cut out one of the top pie panels out so I could blow it off whenever it blew its’ motivator. I also got a Tiny Fogger so it would billow out smoke as if it was on fire without actually generating any heat. Even though the screen R5 eyes had white LED’s I like blue LED’s so I I used them. One of the problems I had was accurate placement of where the eyes where to go. My first attempt had them placed too high. Also, the paint stripes were too thick. So I corrected  the placement, used pin stripping for the lines and the result was much better. I made sure I secured the wired for the LED’s so they wouldnt get yanked out. These are the high output LEDs. I then re-secured the smoke hose inside the dome for the fogger. Use 3/4″ hose or you might not get the best performance from the “Tiny Fogger”. Bytheway, “Tiny Fogger” is a trade name for the product. Model number is Tiny F07 from Look Solutions. They are made in Germany and very pricey but they are the smallest around at the time AND the put out a tremendous amount of smoke. These are the ones that Jim Shima and JAG used at C4 that got the Fire Marshall upset. They thought their droids were on fire. Very impressive!!