2009 Build Off

dsc03440Wow. What a whirlwind! The 2nd annual Build off has come and gone. We had a few astromechs here and there, a few domes to build, a few B9’s sprinkled here and there and over 35 people showed up with a lot of knowledge to share for both camps. Wayne Orr had worked for 3 long days in my garage before the build off to get his droid ready. By the build off everything was fully functional. Monty’s droid suffered a center foot problem and then a side foot drive lock up so his was out of commission by the time the rain stopped for the droid races but we all managed to have a great time. Watching my B9 robot dance and do the &  Twist with the astromechs to a tune from Weird Al was very funny!!! Guy Vardaman had A LOT of fun putting together the Senna drive! We also made some 2 stage vinyl practice decals for my R4 dome to see how they would turn out and tried them out on some scrap styrene I had. Thanks to Neil for that. We color matched that so I just need ot complete the side triangle patterns I want and I will have a completed R4 dome. Look at the Green and Red decals below.

Charlie Garcia  (a B9 robot builder) described it best by saying that there were robot “….Heads, Bubbles, feet, drive motors, tread sections and all sorts of bits and pieces were found scattered all around. In fact the entire house looked like a Robot assembly plant all weekend! It was so cool! There was R2D2 Foot assembly work being done on the dining room table, (complete with hammers, and drive chain assembly) the breakfast bar was where the B9 neck and finger light assembly was discussed, Jerry’s office was where all the wiring and soldering was being done, the garage there was some grinding, filming stage, solvent welding shop, torso hook installation, the kitchen was where the collar and vent rib forming was taking place and the street was blocked off for the Droid Races….there was something going on everywhere. What a riot!”  The build off was suppose to end at noon on Sunday but it didn’t actually end until 10:30pm. We continued with additional web chats and tutorials for the B9 and R2 viewers that were still watching and participating. It was a non stop blast!!!!


Getting ready for the buildoff


Getting ready for the build off. The day before the build off is to start I already have people dropping off robots, supplies and doing repairs on their robots just to get ready to do upgrades, refits and additional repairs…..of course some came a little earlier for additional assistance. Some started 3 days early!! :)


Getting ready for the next Buildoff May 15-17 2009


I am hosting a another big robot build off. Go to my other robot building blog at http://jerrysrobots.com/b9/ for further details. All robots are welcome. I don’t discriminate :)   It will be fun and packed with a lot to do. We build at my gatherings. We help each other out with gedsc01184tting things done. It isn’t just a show off party. That’s what sets my gatherings apart from others. So if you are so inclined come on down, learn a thing or two..teach something to someone else and have a great time. I will be working on my B9 as well as my Astromechs as will 30 or 40 other people (or more) like last year. Below are some of the pictures from last years build off.