Modification of David Shaw Data Probe with 90 degree boxes & JAG Hinges

For those who have the 90 degree boxes and the new JAG long hinges and the David Shaw Data Probe you will need to shorten the length of the David Shaw Probe if you use the side Pivot hinge that was supplied with some of the boxes by 1″ because the data probe is too long as it swings out. It will hit the hinges IF you want the data probe to come straight out (as the boxes were designed to do. If you don’t mind having the data probe coming out at an angle then you wont need to shorten the probe but you will have to come up with some other pivot hinge than what the boxes were designed for. Remember, the data probe that David made was patterned after the original which was hand held in the movie, it was never installed in a working droid so to get it to work in a droid you will have to modify it a bit. When I modified the base shaft and installed the cross bolt to the pivot hinge I secured it to the 90 degree box. I then installed a 1/4 scale servo to raise and lower the data probe using one of the variable channels on my JR 12x Transmitter. Movement is smooth and clean. Rotation of the distal tip isnt really that important in my opinion. It just needs tobe able to rotate. Once the unit mates with the computer interface, the “interface” can rotate and do the work, not the dataprobe. This simplifies the construction considerably.  More to come….