Drink Tray

Here is the preliminary fitting for the 3 leg drink tray. I had  a few more  refinements like aging and distressing to perform but the basics were already done so I started by adding contrast into the recessed areas of the leg brackets. I used syringes with needle blunts to get to the small areas and then used Q-Tips to make sure that some of the black paint would NOT cover the gold (to make it look like the black paint was flaking off from age). Then I airbrushed the thinned acrylic black paint onto the clear coated arm supports to make them look used and slightly dirty. I think the effect looks pretty good…..The gold paint I used was Ford Aztec Gold. One of the things I noticed was that the pads of the drink try actually touch the R&J dome so I need to raise the pads a little to clear the dome profile. Putting a few washers under the screw attachments would raise the platform but would put too much stress on the screws so I needed to put a pad to raise the height up 1/8″.


Getting R2 Ready for Celebration 5 – Drink Tray

Well, it looks like R2 is finally getting to that stage where he is looking like that familiar “overweight glob of grease” that C-3PO likes to call him from time to time (oh dear oh dear)….Pretty soon I will have to weather him up a bit like R5 since he looks off the rack “new”. I have added the JR12x receiver and positioned the additional receiver antennas near the vents and near the rear door to aid in radio reception. It will be interesting to see if any jamming occurs with over 60 droids expected to show at C5 and a majority of them expected to be using Spectrum or JR radios. I am also adding other accessories like the drink tray with a different paint scheme. I still need to add the black accent and then distress it some but it is looking pretty good. One of the bad things about expanded PVC is the cut edges from the laser must be sealed or they will just continually soak up primer and paint and not give a good finish like the facings do. I use EverCoat for the body filler. I tried Bondo from Home Depot and it shrinks and cracks over time. EverCoat is outstanding. It doesn’t clog sandpaper, doesn’t shrink or crack (especially if you use heat to cure your painting) and is nicer to use overall. Bytheway, while I was out and around looking at other robots I found this little guy hanging around. The young man did an excellent paint job!