The first transport is away…….to C5

Ok, R2D2 and R5D4 are loaded up for their trip to Orlando, Florida via the R2 Express for the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back! Damien rolled in at 2:30 today (Friday) and the loading process began. All I can say is I am glad my case was designed to have the wheels come off for tight loading situations because this was definitely one of those. With the wheels off there was only 1 inch clearence through the opening of his custom trailer (which wasn’t a standard opening to begin with (57″). We got it in and secured and then got my equipment case in and then we got my uncrated droid secured as well.  Now it is time to to pack up and fly out to meet them in Florida. It will be good to see old friends and make new ones as well as have fun at Disney!!

Droid Transport Case Final Touches

Well, here are the final touches to the droid transport case. Ready to protect any droid from the evil empire shippers. The protective foam blocks for the different domes were created with removable partitions for custom fits so the domes wont bounce around from a rough ride. It features a rear Kris Kraft door access to turn the droid on or off  or access the radio controller or toher storage device you have in that area. It has wheel chocks, a 4 point restraint for the droid a loading ramp and removeable wheels from the crate. In addition to that it is a ATA certified Category 1 case and it has a secret compartment for a Lojack device to track the whereabout of the case at all times. The case is also lockable with external cable locks. These droids fit very well. Snug as a bug!

Droid Transport Case Construction

And so it begins……………Those 4 words say so little yet mean so much! The culmination of 7 months of research and design finally come together with a major case manufacturer known to produce high end custom cases for the US government, World renown Rock Bands and major Movie Production Companies. A&S Case Company in North Hollywood, Ca has produced a droid specific ATA Category 1 transport case that you can drive your droid in, secure it and close it up. Rest assured it will be protected even if it is dropped off of the truck, flipped or laid down. Everything except a forklift through the side, Grenade or gunfire blowing through the case is covered (for a additional fee armor plating can be added) :) It is heavily padded inside, has multiple tie down straps, wheel chock locks and is designed to handle droids with all 3 dome styles R2, R4 (lamp shade) and R5/R6 heads (the antenna must be removable). The heads are kept in position with different foam blocks that are custom fitted. The transport case has a rear door allowing access to the rear of your droid to turn power on or off; for storage of your transmitter or other accessories. The front of the case has a main door that swings out and then a ramp comes down for the droid to drive out. The wheels on the case are lockable but can come off if the case needs to fit in confined space.  There is also a hidden compartment for a Lo-jack type device to track the case at all times. The case comes in 2 different configurations, wood or aluminum construction.  If you ever have to transport your case commercially this would be the way to go. The use of this type of case along with a freight forwarder would give you the best of both worlds (low cost and high security and safety of your droid). What you see here is the construction of the case with the initial fitting of the droid. Next week I will have pictures of the final assembly and fitting with the various domes, straps, padding and wheel locks in place as well as the loading ramp and locking access doors.