Day 3 of Celebration 5 – George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Droid Races, R2 gets married…what a busy day!!!

  Alright, Day 3 – Oh my aching …what???….Uncle George is here!!!!The maker is here!!!  :) George Lucas came by our droid room and was very impressed with our accomplishments.  Too bad he couldn’t spend more time with us but it was nice that he came by and said Hi. He was clearly impressed by all that we had accomplished and was inspired to make another movie seeing all of the functional droids in the room. Wouldn’t it be cool if he actually used our droids???!!!! It is very clear that the skill level, ability; heck, the raw talent of the members of the R2builders is staggering given that the native occupations of its members is NOT in the entertainment/special effects industry. I was lucky to get Ben Burtt to pose next to my R5. For those that don’t know, Ben was the sound designer for the Star Wars films and many other Lucas-Film movies. He was also the voice of WallE. The Droid Races were outstanding. This day was the preliminary races. Guy Vardaman was the Emcee and did an awesome job. He was really funny when I came up against several people, making up statements like “grudge matches” and other phrases that the crowd really seemed to eat up. They were funny and it was really fun and intense at times. I raced both R2 and R5. At one time both my R2 and R5 were racing against each other so Wayne Orr officiated for that race and Guy drove my R2.

And then there was there was the Star Wars Wedding. My R2 was getting married to Bonnie. A promotional campaign put on by Lucas-Films. It was a very special Day. R2 was all spruced up. He had a bow tie (Thanks Victor)! He has a brand new Restraining bolt (that’s the wedding ring for those out there not getting the parallel). It was a beautiful ceremony. Steve Sansweet cried. R2-Kt was there (always a brides Maid…never a bride…..)Who said the Dark side cant throw a party!!!! :) And, of course, what fantasy wedding wouldn’t be complete without Trooper Elvis!! Ah-ha Thankyouverymuch! :)