Wired Magazine Photoshoot & the Nerdist You Tube shoots with Chris Hardwick

005R5 finally got more love than R2!! Its about time too!! Wired Magazine contacted me last week (1/5/2013) and told me Chris Hardwick requested my R5 to be in a Wired Magazine shoot for his article. R5 will be on the cover but Its not an exclusive cover shot…he is playing a role…the droid that was always dissed. He also wanted my R5 to be in some special videos for the Nerdist.  So they flew R5 and myself to LA for the shoot on 1/12/2013 at Smash box studios with members of the 501st…. as well as R2. The wired magazine cover and article pictures should be in the March edition but the Nerdist movies, etc should be available around February.

It was a closed set so no photos were allowed by anyone except the authorized photographers. Everyone’s phones were taped or put away…except for the one I got with Chris…. :)

It was a very interesting day. Even though I had My R5 there. I also was wrangling the other R2 droid because that operator was dresses up as a Wookie. His wife was also in the shoot as well but started to pass out so I took care of her since I am also a nurse. I was very busy that day! Never a dull moment… :)