Modifying the JAG frame

OK, The build off is over and it was a great success. See my B9 blog for a detailed report. Now it is time to get cracking on my Astromechs. There are a number of things that need to be changed (IMHO) that a lot of members have asked for in their frames so I might as well try them out on my frames to see how I might like them. Who knows…maybe a new frame will come of it!! The most important features right now are lightening the aluminum frame , having a drop down electronics panel and adding a rear door. I also like adding color to my droids so I will go with the usual Blue and Red for R2 and R5. The speaker holes need to be much bigger. I want my Astromechs to be able to belt out their sounds so the crowds at conventions can hear them! Other changes to the frame I had done were impressions into the base plates and vertical support bar for things like the octagon ports. Some people had complained that (depending on what version of octagon port they had had) they didn’t fit correctly. I had both versions so I had my machinist mill out an area that would allow for proper alignment and placement of either one. James does outstanding work! He did the same thing for the power coupler and LDP.