The updated 300mm Dome

dsc03174I just got the updated 300mm dome from Daren. This dome has the corrected spacing with the side and pie panel spacing. This dome looks AWESOME!!!! I cant wait to get this polished up, painted and refitted with the Jedi controllers I got from Scott. This dome will get the works installed in it. But for now I have a lot of clean up to do. There is a lot of slag in this dome to clean off. The laser must have been underpowered to produce this much slag. This will take several hours to clean up. Daren said it takes on average 4-6 hrs to clean up the slag from the dome and panels. What he uses is the side end of a chisel or screw driver and a little WD-40 to knock the slag off. The important part is not to gouge the aluminum when taking the slag off. The amount of the slag is significant enough that the dome will not seat correctly until you remove it all. This is an important concept since he tests the domes before they go to the laser cutter to ensure correct fitment. So if it is not seating correctly after cleaning….well you may have missed something! One thing I found to speed the slag deburring is this neat tool called, oddly enough, a deburring tool. It only cost 20.00 and slams a 6 hr deburring process to 1 hr. Simple and easy. Just remember to always pull the tull toward you. Also there is a left and right handed version of this tool so dont switch hands when using this tool. Change the orientation of the dome when using this tool or you could mar or gouge the aluminum.