Updating the R&J Dome Part II

DSC03929Time to add the Jedi boards to the dome and add the painted panels to the refitted dome. As you can see I have attached the boards to the old logics made by Dan Deutsch, These required redrillling the holes for the pcb mounting since they didnt match the Jedi board. I also opened up the mouths to the front and rear logics just a little so all the rows of LEDs could be seen. On the rear logic I had to ground down one of the inside screws flat because the pcb board overhangs on one side of the bezel. Bytheway it is easy to install the rear pcb board upside down so test the controller before screwing it to the logic. The power terminal should be closest to the dome ring for proper orientation otherise when the board boots up the writing will be inverted.


Adding remote control for the F07 Tiny Fogger

DSC03878Adding remote control to the Tiny fogger by look solutions is relatively easy. What I did was go to Radio Shack and picked up 2 items. (1) A 3- Conductor Stereo 1/8″ phone jack part number 274-249 and a (2) 1 foot stereo audio cable with a male to male phone jack. I then used a spare 12 channel RF remote I had around the apartment and used 1 of the channels. I used pins 1 and 3 of the phone jack and connected them to the RF remote on channel 1. That’s it! All you have to do is hold the button down and you get all the smoke you want! Pretty simple and cheap. Especially since Look solutions wants over 500.00 for their remote. This solution only costs me 40.00 total. You can do it for less if you get a single channel remote from Radio Shack or from some other source.


Tiny Fogger Installation for R5D4

DSC03868The accompanying pictures show how I have installed the F07 Tiny fogger from Look solutions as well as the periscope system to pop the panel off when R5 “blows his motivator”. The velcro holds all of the components in place securely and easily. The piping in the dome ensures the smoke goes directly out and gives a good special effect.


Getting ready for the R2LA building event

DSC03748For those that didnt know it; I moved from Texas to California for a job in the Burbank area. I was able to bring 1 droid with me so I decided to bring my R5 since he needed the most work. So I packed him up in the UHaul and off I we went. Once I was settled in the R2LA build day came up so it gave me a reason to put him back together pretty fast. I had to reassemble my R5 pretty quick since I had dissassembled him to upgrade him and change a great many things. I got the skins TIG welded and started to apply the other accessories that I had packed away (like the front, center and side vents, coin slots, front and rear power couplers, etc etc. Then I installed the internal lighting and cleaned up all of the loose wiring inside of ‘ol Red. Made sure he could move around and also installed the Banebot motor for the dome drive. Got the basics working so he could get out of my apartment from the 3rd floor to get to the car….Now to see if I can get him IN to my car……Did I forget to mention that I have never assessed whether my R5 would even fit in my car?? I sure was lucky to find out that it fit!! It was a tight fit with the center foot barely clearing the ceiling but once that was done (with the help of Guy Vardaman) I was able to not only get that in but the R5 dome with antenna as well as Guy’s R2 dome, a couples boxes of various supplies, tools and bunch of other stuff. Plenty of room!!!!! I thought I was facing leg removal each time I needed to transport him. I am glad I dont have to deal with that hassel. Its amazing what you can pack in a tiny little car!! Anyway, once I got to Senna’ house I thought I would play with the Tiny Fogger F07 by Look Solutions. This is the same type fogger that Jim Shima and JAG used at C4. This baby really puts out a lot of smoke fast!!!. With a 250hr Lithium battery stand by and a less than 1 sec prep to smoke release time it really is a crowd pleaser. Very easy to setup and deploy. The only thing is it is expensive. This was the first time I had set it up in my R5 and I was trying to figure out how to activate it remotely using  a 4 ch RF remote instead of their super expensive remotes.  If you want their remote….forget it. Its almost as much as the fogger. The solution was an easy fix with a jumper wire and a stereo jack that can be wired to a simple 12 or 4 channel RF remote to an intermittant or latched button (your choice) and you can command all the smoke you want.