NASA JPL Halloween Event

4059711844_c75b5d1536_oThis was a very cool event. I mean how much more of a setup do you need? A government facility tucked away in the California mountains where they make and control robotic platforms on other planetary bodies. Sounds life a perfect place for an Industrial Automation Droid to hang around for a Halloween event……..Oh and we got to see some the next generation Mars rovers under construction as well as what they were doing to get one of them freed from its current predicament. We also got to listen in on mission planning and look over a new robot called the ATHLETE.  After the tour of the facility and operations it was time to put the show on and entertain the crowd as they get ready for their Halloween Party. ObiShawns Car is always entertaining to look at. As a matter of fact shawn told me the police pulled him over becasue of the neon around his rear license plate. **NOTE** NOT because of the twin mounted laser canons on his car. Go figure….only in California…

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Fan Days III Plano, TX

DSC04221I had a blast at the Star Wars’ Fan Days III in Plano October 24th & 25th. Coming from Burbank to Texas made for a rushed visit; however, any chance for me to come back to Texas to see some of my friends, family and play with a few droids while having a few laughs made it all worth it! I was disappointed to hear that Jose’s R2 couldn’t make the Fan Days event because of a busted ankle (R2). That was a Bummer and that Philip Wise STILL hasn’t started his R2 (but he is still collecting parts).  But we did have an excellent turn out. Our room mostly stayed full and we fielded a lot of questions on construction techniques, costs, skills required, local clubs, etc. I debuted the R4 head with the new stickers and got a lot of compliments. I think the biggest hit was C3PO when he was talking to the kids (the big ones as well as the small ones).  And of course when Jeff’s R2 went over to C3PO, it was a photo frenzy …….


Of course there were a few that also enjoyed the Pit droid working on R2 while the Battle droid was overseeing things……..and then there was a land speeder…….. Pretty Cool Stuff :)


R5D4 Gets some Press

Below is an excerpt from the LA Daily news Dated Today October 21 2009.

Robot gets star treatment from sick kids

By Dennis McCarthy

Updated: 10/21/2009 06:12:51 PM PDT
R5D4 at Pediatric Unit












Michael Shahidi , 8, enjoys a visit from droid, R5D4, at Providence Saint Joseph Tarzana Medical Center. Jerry Chevalier, behind, built the robot and takes it to entertain the children in the pediatrics section of the hospital. (Dean Musgrove/Staff Photographer)

At first, the kids didn’t know what to make of the surprise visitor who stopped by their hospital room on Tuesday.

R5-D4, his name tag said.

Nathan Ellsworth and Xavyer Arteaga sat up in their beds in the pediatric unit at Providence Tarzana Medical Center, staring at the droid trying to shake their hands and make them smile.

What was this odd-looking robot, making funny noises and spinning around on the floor?

Out in the hallway, a few of the older kids peeked in and smiled. Eight-year-old Michael Shahidi was sure it was R2-D2 from the “Star Wars” trilogy.

Not quite, but almost.

The man pushing the buttons of the droid’s remote control knew exactly what it was like to be a kid lying in a hospital bed for weeks or months on end. Scary, miserable and boring.

Jerry Chevalier has Crohn’s disease and spent a large part of his childhood lying in hospital beds, passing the time between doctors’ visits making model airplanes and spaceships.

“I have an empathy for kids in the hospital,” the 49-year-old nurse said. “I know what it’s like to be sick and miserable, away from your family for months at a time.”

So a couple of days a week, Chevalier and R5-D4 stop by the pediatric ward to give these kids “an escape from reality for a few minutes.”

Sometimes they smile, sometimes they laugh. Sometimes, they just lie there staring at the wall and ignoring him.

“You go in slow, not expecting anything,” Chevalier says. “What you don’t want to do is scare them. If a kid is sad, I make R5-D4 sad, too. It draws them out. If they’re not interested, I just get out of there. But most of the kids love to see him.”

The smile on Michael Shahidi’s face lit up the hallway when he saw the droid for the first time. Michael suffers from diabetes and has been through some tough times, but he’s getting better, his parents say.

“Michael loves robots, and having one visit him in the hospital really cheered him up. Look at that smile,” said Alex Shahidi, Michael’s father.

Chevalier has seen that smile on hundreds of sick kids since he started making the rounds with R5-D4 a few months ago, after moving here from Dallas.

It took him two years to make this droid and others in the garage of his home, and he has honed his skills to professional levels.

“Depending on which button I push, the kids can tell by the tones coming out whether R5-D4 is happy, sad or angry,” he said. “They don’t have to know what he’s saying.

“It’s part of the appeal of `Star Wars.’ You don’t have to understand the language, just listen to the tones and you know how he feels.”

And R5-D4 feels happy, because that’s his job.

For a few minutes, this little droid making the funny noises helps sick kids forget where they are.

Dennis McCarthy’s column appears Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

R5D4 Visits the Pediatric Wing At Tarzana

DSC04184Because of the locale in California (the same could be said about the New York area) local hospitals are use to the filming industry using their campuses for series like Miami Trauma, Valentine Day, Aliens, Terminator, Scrubs and many many more movies and TV series then you would care to hear about. So when actors come to those areas it doesnt really bring as big of a ruckus as you might expect  it would than if it were to occur in a town in Texas or Oklahoma for example….unless it is a Droid…..You would think they never saw anything like it anywhere in the world….Well…perhaps they’re right!! As a matter of fact while my droid was at St. Joseph Hospital (where the hospital scenes for Miama Trauma are currently being shot) they were filming a scene in the meditation garden when my droid came down the hall. You could see him in the hallway during one of the filming scenes for 2 seconds. It would be interesting if that survives the cutting room flor. When R5 was at Tarzana Hospital and came rolling through the hallways of the hospital, through the main entrance, , it got strangley silent. People turned and started to point  and smile. When it got to the Pediatric floor the staff had as much fun with it as the kids and parents did. Once R5 got acclamated to his new environment he quickly found a new friend…………DSC04186

R5D4 Pressed into Service

DSC04176Without a day off from R2LA; R5 reported for duty at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank, California to help train a bunch of super users in a new hospital information system. Everyday for his first week he roamed the halls for 5 buildings and multiple classrooms ensuring everyone was alert, responsive and had plenty of candy to eat. Occasionally when some staff members needed to “get with the program” R5 provided the necessary encouragement…………….. :)


Next week R5 visits the Providence Pediatric Hospital in Tarzana, California. More to follow……………