In The Beginning……….

I accidentally discovered the Astromech builders group when I was getting started with the B9 builders group. There are several members that belong to both groups and some of them suggested I look into “crossing over” to the other side. Haha. I have to say the way these 2 groups conduct themselves is like day and night. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was so much sharing of information it was more of an expectation rather than just a courtesy. I really liked that and will try to bring that to the B9 group.
Aside form the thrill and challenge of building a droid, I wanted to make one for the kids at Dallas Children’s Hospital (DCH). The reason is personal but I will say this … I know what it is like to be them. Having the droids in the hospital is a treat for all but most importantly it gives the kids a break from what they are going through. That makes it all worth it!!! It would take a while for my droid to be made so I needed someone elses to start my quest. So, I met Wayne Orr and a few friendly troopers from the local 501st garrison and off we went on Dec 16 2006. The picture below is of 3 troopers getting dressed in my motorcycle trailer. These guys were great and a bunch of cut ups!! To the right are pictures in the hallway before we entered the ICU areas . I had plenty of toys for the kids to get. Since I didn’t have an R2 does this still count for my first event?? :)

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