Drink Tray

Here is the preliminary fitting for the 3 leg drink tray. I had  a few more  refinements like aging and distressing to perform but the basics were already done so I started by adding contrast into the recessed areas of the leg brackets. I used syringes with needle blunts to get to the small areas and then used Q-Tips to make sure that some of the black paint would NOT cover the gold (to make it look like the black paint was flaking off from age). Then I airbrushed the thinned acrylic black paint onto the clear coated arm supports to make them look used and slightly dirty. I think the effect looks pretty good…..The gold paint I used was Ford Aztec Gold. One of the things I noticed was that the pads of the drink try actually touch the R&J dome so I need to raise the pads a little to clear the dome profile. Putting a few washers under the screw attachments would raise the platform but would put too much stress on the screws so I needed to put a pad to raise the height up 1/8″.


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