The first transport is away…….to C5

Ok, R2D2 and R5D4 are loaded up for their trip to Orlando, Florida via the R2 Express for the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back! Damien rolled in at 2:30 today (Friday) and the loading process began. All I can say is I am glad my case was designed to have the wheels come off for tight loading situations because this was definitely one of those. With the wheels off there was only 1 inch clearence through the opening of his custom trailer (which wasn’t a standard opening to begin with (57″). We got it in and secured and then got my equipment case in and then we got my uncrated droid secured as well.  Now it is time to to pack up and fly out to meet them in Florida. It will be good to see old friends and make new ones as well as have fun at Disney!!

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