Day 1 of Celebration 5

Construction of the Droid room was fast and furious! At times I thought we would have to put everything outside the room and then bring it in when it was needed because of the crates and other storage items but we some how got it all setup and ready without having to do that. Among the many things we all setup, I helped Cal get the Ice room setup. I really liked that area. That cannon was really cool. I love the caption. I could see that caption on real weaponry in Iraq. It is right in line with my own twisted style of humor. I haven’t heard the official count but I think it was over 75R series droids at the convention. That doesnt count anyother type of droid like mouse droids, protocol droids, Gonk droids, etc Most definitely there was a lot of very cool stuff in our room!!   On Saturday OI beleve there was over 26,000 people that came through the door. I do not know how many people came through for each day! 







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