Reassembly of Improved JAG Frames

100_1249Before I had my machinist put the frames on a diet, I weighed them. The JAG frame weighed in at 25lbs. This did not include the shoulder hubs. After studying the frame (with my aircraft building experience¬† along with the aircraft machining experience m100_1248y machinist had) we determined what areas could be removed and what areas could be thinned to create a ribbed reinforcement.¬† The end result was a savings of 6 pounds and a stronger frame. As you can see in the base plate to the left there are depressions milled out for specific parts. Whereas the top frame ring to the right just needed to have material removed because it was unnecessary for the strength of the frame.As you can see my frame uses a rear door that is a 3/4 length door. I favor that style of rear door for several reasons. It doesn’t interfere with the drop down electronics panel and the door can swing open fully while not hitting the legs. A full length door hits the battery boxes and require substantial removal of material from the bottom frame ring. It also will not allow a drop down panel to fully extend out unless you have to remove it.

If you look closely at the hinge of the door you will see how closely it hugs the frame. Care must be maintained when adhereing your skins to ensure they are tight. If they are not your door will bind so be careful. This is where your assembly must be absolutely accurate and perfect!


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