Day 2 of Celebration 5

OK, Day 2 commences with a bang! We are setup and we are still getting more droids showing up! I love it! The crowds are a little slow coming in and we found out why; they didn’t start letting people in until 10:30 when they should of started at 10:00.  Lines were all the way around the convention center and people were getting anxious because they were missing events. Once the doors were opened it was like the Olympics had started. People were sprinting to get to their rooms and panels. People had run into our droid room. It was nice to see that we were first on the minds of some people. It quickly became very difficult to move around as the room was filled beyond capacity at several times through out the day. I had my fogger setup but I didn’t dare set it off because of the fire Marshall threatening us to not make any smoke of any kind (party poopers). They made 5 visits today to make sure we were in compliance with visitor capacity, smoke, etc. Anyway, I had some very attractive visitors on my droids….Wampa Girl and Slave Leia. It got even better when I took my droids into the dealer area and to the droid races (more on that later). I got so many compliments on my Pit Droids it wasn’t funny; and the kids really love Salacious Crumb, especially when he moved and laughed. I really need to add speakers and record a good laugh that can be synced. The reactions to his movements were precious. Chris Simmons platforms were awesome.  They made our droids look tremendous!

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