Day 4 of Celebration 5 – Droid Race Finals, G4 & AT&T U-Verse Film Interviews

OK, Day 4 of Celebration 5 is here. This is the day… The finals for the droid races.  Doug Dixon ran the droid races and did an awesome job! They were divided up into 3 major groups. NPC 2212 motors, Scooters and custom drive motors. I competed in the NPC drive class. The NPC are for the heavier droids. The final outcome was Daren Murrer won first (by a slim margin) then I won 2nd place. It was an awesome race . Both of us didn’t like being on track 1 which is what (I believe) kept me from winning 1st place.  Anyway, We won very nice trophies made by Dana Powers and we also won gift certificates from NPC Robotics for $200-300 which will go to my next robot build. After the droid races I got interviewed by G4 and then by AT&T U-Verse for various ads and for clone wars ads and various sci-fi spots. AT&T also did a spot on what makes a real droid where they filmed the inside of my droid, its capabilities, etc.  While R2 was rolling around, the Utilikilts store fitted R2 for a kilt. Whenever there are droids, accidents will occur. Case in point…Cole’s Face-plant of his droid. While Dave was driving Cole’s droid by the laser tag area it crashed. The interesting thing is that the external parts like the aluminum skins, vents, arms etc were not damaged. Just the A&A frame was totaled as the Optima battery was propelled threw the frame. Dave’s face says it all. Oh, the pain!! Dave was going to drive my R5 Droid. He said “aren’t you glade Jerry that I didnt drive yours?” I said you wouldn’t of hurt it, it was all aluminum! lol :)  Cole had the frame temporarily  glued up quickly and put back together in no time. 




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