Rancho Cucamonga Star Wars Day

I had the honor of being asked to present R2-D2 at the Rancho Cucamonga Star Wars Day festival held at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center for the Rancho Cucamonga Library’s 4th Annual Star Wars extravaganza!  It was a fascinating place packed tightly with lots of kids of all ages. They wanted to see what made R2-D2 “go” so I treated them to a PowerPoint presentation of the construction of R2 and then they got to see what was inside. It was standing room only for 2 showings. In between, he was out and about mingling and several times became the piped piper of sorts as all of the kids followed him (single file of course…yeah right) everywhere he went.

4 thoughts on “Rancho Cucamonga Star Wars Day

  1. Jerry,
    I speak on behalf of the entire library when I say the pleasure was all ours in having you at our event. Thank you so much again and may the force be with you!

  2. Please consider exhibiting your droids at the Houston Mini Maker Faire on 1/19/13. More info and email contacts are at our web site.

  3. Hi Jerry would you be interested in doing star wars day again in rancho cucamonga library?

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