Maker Fare Austin Texas 2008

dsc02077Well, my debut for my droids was at Make Fare of all places……….Well his parts was showing since I don’t have any skins to put on them and the R2 dome wasnt finished but it went pretty well and the kids loved them. We were directly behind the Telsa coils and I lost the operation of one of my CF3 boards as a result of that. So when I took one of my droids on a tour at a local school I had to switch out 1 of the droids because it wouldn’t make any sound. The kids and adults loved them.I really had a lot of comments from everyone that they loved being able to see the insides of the robots. It added a special “coolness”. It was something that everyone remarked about frequently. I also got several awards from the officials. It was a great experience. I cant wait for next year! What a rush.  Special thanks to my wife Kip and to Glenn Pipe for which I would not have been able to have pulled this off without them.dsc02082


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