Progress Delay

Bad news for my schedule. My painter backed out half way through my build and several parts I was hoping to have by now have not materialized. This has added several complications to getting my droids ready for the donation process to the Dallas Children’s Hospital for 2007. So it looks like it will be delayed to 2008. That was a real bummer!
Anyway, here are some photos of my Progress. The painters did an awesome job with fine line detail which is why I was so disappointed when they said they just want to do cars now half way through my painting process. Take a look at a closer picture of the ankles and cylinders. Aren’t they just beautiful? The blue color is 2003 Pt Cruiser Metallic Blue. The White is BASF 1054a is is perfect. These are beautiful in person and outside in sunshine. Now to try and find someone that can do as good a job as the previous guy. I know it wont be easy or cheap!!! In the mean time Robby the Robot looks over my precious cargo!

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