FanBoys Premiere

fanboys_imageI was asked to bring my R2 unit down to the Alamo Draft house in Austin Texas to attend the Premier of FanBoys. What fun!! I saw the ads and I was really excited about the movie but I was also worried about having a droid there that didnt have skins. It technically wasnt complete. They said not a problem. They knew what he looked like and wanted him down anyway. Yipee!! So that meant I had a lot to do in a short amount of time. The dome wasnt completely finished and I needed to fill in a few areas of my droid since he didnt have skins to make him look a little more interesting. Also, Tom Douchet wanted me to try out his gripper claw on the frame design so I had James (my machinist) whip up an adapter for the dataprobe and the gripper claw as well as a nice LED array plate to wow the spectators. He did an awesome job!!!!! He is a GOD!! Glenn Pipe came down with me and wrangled for me. Jamie McShan also helped me correct a front logic failure just prior to the event . This was a very fun trip. People were dancing with R2. There was a costume contest inside the theatre and we were fed for free. It was great!!!! Even the news groups were getting in on the action!!


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