R2LA6 & the Premier of the COM8 Frame


Well, I went down to R2LA6 and brought down the fruits of our labor (James and I) . The New frame called the COM8. A culmination of all of the requests and complaints I have had and I have heard from everyone about the frames that have beedsc01852n around since I have been a member of the R2 group. I really believe this is an outstanding frame with a lot of great features. Super strong, light weight, a lockable back door in 2 flavors — a full size door and a 3/4 door. Milled out areas for parts that previously didn’t fit well or at all with other versions of machined parts. A drop down electronics panels 90 degree and standard bread pans and and great feature that no other frame had previously offered. Mounting hardware for other vendors parts. It was well received there. Unfortunately some felt threatened and reacted poorly. Sadly that was expected.I flew down to Yorba Linda because I wanted to make sure that James’ frame got a fair chance and a good start. I knew if I went and if I got his frame there it would be put on the R2LA DVD and would be seen by a  lot of builders. I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded the builder award of the year.


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