Finding another painter

Thank the Maker!! I found a decent painter willing to do droids!! It’s Chris at Detroit Customs in Sasche, Tx. They have been written up in several hot rod, motorcycle and custom paint magazines. They do excellent work. When I was there they were about to start the 1966 version of the Batmobile. It was really cool seeing that body lifted onto the rolling Lincoln Chassis.
I had a lot of parts to paint for 3 droids!! Hopefully I will have enough stuff ready to go to keep people keep busy at the build off in May. I know JAG is sending my Frames so with the B9 frames and R2 frames we will be doing a mass assembly. It will be cool!!
I am also having the Dallas Robotic group and the local R2D2 builders there as well as it is the start of the monthly meetings.

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