Updating the R&J Dome Part II

DSC03929Time to add the Jedi boards to the dome and add the painted panels to the refitted dome. As you can see I have attached the boards to the old logics made by Dan Deutsch, These required redrillling the holes for the pcb mounting since they didnt match the Jedi board. I also opened up the mouths to the front and rear logics just a little so all the rows of LEDs could be seen. On the rear logic I had to ground down one of the inside screws flat because the pcb board overhangs on one side of the bezel. Bytheway it is easy to install the rear pcb board upside down so test the controller before screwing it to the logic. The power terminal should be closest to the dome ring for proper orientation otherise when the board boots up the writing will be inverted.


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