R4 & R5 Decal Templates ready for use


It looks like my decals are ready for application. They have been cleaned up and have been setup for a 2 stage decal application process. As soon as I am satisfied with final fitmen they can be released to the group in an array of colors for those interested. This will be an easy way to add flair, color and style to an otherwise boring or barren dome landscape.  For my R4 I will make the main decals red to match the R5 body arms and door panel accent pieces. I have also included decals for the R5 head panels and side boxes for the JAG head. I showed those at R2LA. If there is interest I can get decals designed for the Mardon fiberglass head.  Also contained in that same picture are decals for the long and short doors that I used on my R5 droid. They fit perfectly . I also have covers to change the CPU arm colors (so long as the arms stay closed) if you are trying to disguise your droid. The last picture is the decals for my R4 dome with the proper color decals, the big exclamation point decal and 2 silver decals which go on the top sides opposite of each other. The bottom edge of the decal appromates the arc of the dome perfectly(I had a spare top half of a R4 flat pack head laying around).  Now to get back to Texas to apply them to my finished dome there in my Garage and show it off at the Plano Fan Days Celebration October 24th and 25th!


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