Getting Ready for R2LA

DSC04072Its that time again. Time to get the droids ready for R2LA. I have a lot to do this year!! This year I have something to bring. R5-D4! And he will be fully clothed (skinned) this time with some new additions as well.  For example, I got these great power couplers from David Shaw. These are outstanding. Easy to paint and easy to adhere to the skins. These are so shiny too. When I installed them they just stood out and “popped”. The cutout of the rear door and the welding of the skins as well as the cutout of the the pie panels in the JAG R5 head was done by Com8 (James VanReenen). The paint job I got on the welded skins was done by Marco’s in Burbank, California. They did an outstanding job!! Automotive paint with clearcoat was used, not powdercoating because of the bondo used to hide the screws on the JAG head. The color used was BASF1054A Dupont White for the skins and dome. They also painted the JAG R5 panels Ferrari Red. Truly an awesome finish!


I was also working with Neil Ylanan for a little while on designing decals for R5 and R4 droids so we could quickly and easily change droid colors and configurations without too much trouble or expense as well as dress up the R4 dome (lamp shade flat pack) with decals to match various droids in the Star Wars universe. I tried the first set out on the JAG head with the decals for the greeblie boxes and headlines as well as on the long and short doors (front and rear) inset color bands. They worked great and looked like they were painted on! People could not tell they were decals. The nice thing is you can peel them off, use a different color and reuse them. So long as your droid has a generic base color that your decal can use you can quickly configure your droid to become any droid you want. If you have different heads to mix and match like I do (R4, R2 and R5 heads) you can work and play well with other droids so you all don’t have the same droids in the same area at the same time  so you can have variety and make a more realistic environment for the kids! Bytheway….did you notice how different R5 looks with the 2 different heads? The first one is the fiberglass version from Mardon. The 2nd one is the JAG head.  


When the pie panels are up on the JAG R5 head it kind of reminds me of a Burger King crown……. 😉

I also had the honor of making this years Builders Award. Each year, the past winner must make the following years award. It must be a certain level of quality and you have to be present to win! It took me a while to come up with an idea that would have the appropriate level of awe but I think I came up with a winner. You will see it when R2LA happens. I hope this years winner appreciates it!

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