R5D4 Visits the Pediatric Wing At Tarzana

DSC04184Because of the locale in California (the same could be said about the New York area) local hospitals are use to the filming industry using their campuses for series like Miami Trauma, Valentine Day, Aliens, Terminator, Scrubs and many many more movies and TV series then you would care to hear about. So when actors come to those areas it doesnt really bring as big of a ruckus as you might expect  it would than if it were to occur in a town in Texas or Oklahoma for example….unless it is a Droid…..You would think they never saw anything like it anywhere in the world….Well…perhaps they’re right!! As a matter of fact while my droid was at St. Joseph Hospital (where the hospital scenes for Miama Trauma are currently being shot) they were filming a scene in the meditation garden when my droid came down the hall. You could see him in the hallway during one of the filming scenes for 2 seconds. It would be interesting if that survives the cutting room flor. When R5 was at Tarzana Hospital and came rolling through the hallways of the hospital, through the main entrance, , it got strangley silent. People turned and started to point  and smile. When it got to the Pediatric floor the staff had as much fun with it as the kids and parents did. Once R5 got acclamated to his new environment he quickly found a new friend…………DSC04186

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