NASA JPL Halloween Event

4059711844_c75b5d1536_oThis was a very cool event. I mean how much more of a setup do you need? A government facility tucked away in the California mountains where they make and control robotic platforms on other planetary bodies. Sounds life a perfect place for an Industrial Automation Droid to hang around for a Halloween event……..Oh and we got to see some the next generation Mars rovers under construction as well as what they were doing to get one of them freed from its current predicament. We also got to listen in on mission planning and look over a new robot called the ATHLETE.  After the tour of the facility and operations it was time to put the show on and entertain the crowd as they get ready for their Halloween Party. ObiShawns Car is always entertaining to look at. As a matter of fact shawn told me the police pulled him over becasue of the neon around his rear license plate. **NOTE** NOT because of the twin mounted laser canons on his car. Go figure….only in California…

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