R5D4 goes to High School

011Today R5D4 visited the Physics & Robotics department at the Providence high school in Burbank, Ca. Over 200 young adults examined the construction methods, blueprints, schematics and applications of general robotics from hobby to health care applications. Several years ago on the east coast, I was able to facilitate starting a program at a magnet high school in Tantasqua, Mass that was centered around the building of R2D2. The CAD department, electronics and machine shops all got involved in making their version of that “overweight glob of grease” as a class project and it sprung into as full blown program that the entire school got involved in. Hopefully I can get something started on the west coast. It always starts like this….anyway…The students at this school had a lot of interesting questions ranging from the usual cost, length of time to build and what does it do to how effective has it been in helping sick children cope with their hospital stay, RC technologies, AI and other rather advanced application questions, limitations and problems.  It was a very enjoyable and stimulating 2 hour question and answer session. They got to see what was inside R5, his frame make up, schematics, different domes and some of R5’s special functions like the fogger, Extinguisher and front charging and power port.


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