Selacious Crumb Rescue/Re-Animation and WizardWorld 2010!

While Guy Vardaman and I were tooling around MonsterPalooza April 14th 2010 when I noticed a familiar character lying around looking somewhat lonely and a little broken down. It was Selacious Crumb! The special effects company in Burbank, Ca was about to throw him out (literally) so I snatched him up and fixed him up. His leg was ripped and he had other issues that needed repair. I also tried to animate him as well. Apparently (per Mike Senna) this was the same Selacious Crumb that was used in the Pink5 video which we watched while at WizardWorld 2010. This puppet was made out of latex and he was already aging so he had to be handled with care. His left leg had already began separation so I had to repair and seal that. Monster Super Glue works great for that. It has rubber in it and allows flexibility and adheres to Latex. He was loosing his hair and his tail! Oh the pains of getting old!!! Got that fixed as well. Then the next thing was how do I animate this puppet since it was designed for a hand operation and not RC components. The latex is friable, If I pushed hard I could split the neck and the opening in the neck was very narrow.  So I designed a paddle that would fit in the upper part of his mouth and fashioned it to a heavy duty robotic servo on a pole that would allow it to sit in the proper position without putting any undue pressure on the latex structure. The result was better than I could of hoped. Selacious was a big hit at WizardWorld April 20th and he was hilarious! There were lines forming as people were laughing at what he was saying and doing. it was great!


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