It’s Alive!!!!…….well kind of………

C4 was the first Star Wars convention I had ever attended. It was a trip. So much to see and do. Coming to the droid room was amazing. So many droids and different levels of craftsmanship. It was a great learning experience. I assembled my basic droid in the builders room and boy was I intimidated! This droid was assembled and did its first RC move at C4. Such a good Feeling!! At the time I thought I was way behind but after talking with my new friends I found out that this went very fast …..I was a proud poppa…..
Darren Murrer donated 1 of his domes for the Dallas Children’s Droid. Cole cut the panels out and he also used my dome in making the tutorial for the new 300mm domes.
When I started wiring my Vantec RDFR23 controller it didt work originally. Tom Jozwiak help me correct a slight wiring transposition. Once that was done he started moving around. One of the things I learned very quickly was that the powered wheel needs to be to the front of the droid where as the omni balls needed to be toward the rear. I had it reversed. So while he was on the carpet it was very difficult for him. But move he did!!! That was all I had hoped for out of this trip.

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