Droid Transport Case Final Touches

Well, here are the final touches to the droid transport case. Ready to protect any droid from the evil empire shippers. The protective foam blocks for the different domes were created with removable partitions for custom fits so the domes wont bounce around from a rough ride. It features a rear Kris Kraft door access to turn the droid on or off  or access the radio controller or toher storage device you have in that area. It has wheel chocks, a 4 point restraint for the droid a loading ramp and removeable wheels from the crate. In addition to that it is a ATA certified Category 1 case and it has a secret compartment for a Lojack device to track the whereabout of the case at all times. The case is also lockable with external cable locks. These droids fit very well. Snug as a bug!

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