Star Wars Musical

It has been a while since I have been able to make a post. I have been swamped at work but a narrow window opened up for me to participate in a Star Wars musical with my R2 droid. It was called Return of the Jedi: The Musical Edition. at the The Arts and Learning Conservatory in Costa Mesa, California on March 18th. It was a bunch of fun! The Musical Edition presents the story of Return of the Jedi with the music from popular Broadway musicals such as Phantom of the Opera and Chicago. The songs have been re-written to fit the story. The production is a full two-hour Broadway-style musical which will be performed with a live youth orchestra. The actors and actresses (ages 8-14) have rehearsed every Saturday for three months in preparation. It was funny and enjoyable to watch. The audience went crazy when my R2 went out into the crowd. Some of the screams and yells were akin to a rock star coming out to meet the fans. It was crazy……

Drink Tray

Here is the preliminary fitting for the 3 leg drink tray. I had  a few more  refinements like aging and distressing to perform but the basics were already done so I started by adding contrast into the recessed areas of the leg brackets. I used syringes with needle blunts to get to the small areas and then used Q-Tips to make sure that some of the black paint would NOT cover the gold (to make it look like the black paint was flaking off from age). Then I airbrushed the thinned acrylic black paint onto the clear coated arm supports to make them look used and slightly dirty. I think the effect looks pretty good…..The gold paint I used was Ford Aztec Gold. One of the things I noticed was that the pads of the drink try actually touch the R&J dome so I need to raise the pads a little to clear the dome profile. Putting a few washers under the screw attachments would raise the platform but would put too much stress on the screws so I needed to put a pad to raise the height up 1/8″.


On the way home……

On the way home I had a nice little chat with Seth Green. He and I flew back to California. On the way back we talked about the droids, robot building in general and I thanked him for the strong support he has shown R2 builders in the past.  He said he wished he had more time that he could spend to admire all that we have done with the droids but with his schedule he was lucky with what he could do which he admits was very limited. It was a nice way to end such a spectacular week.

Day 5 of Celebration 5 Last Tour to Endor

This was an excellent park event at Disney. It started for us at 8pm and didn’t end until 2:30 am. We hit every ride (some more than 2 or 3 times). The best one was the Indiana Jones and Jedi blending of episodes. It was great. I took as many shots as I could get away with. In the showing before I could attend, George Lucas and Seth Green were there. In the one I was at Anthony Daniels and Mark Hamill were there. It was excellent. After the event we slipped away to the Mega explosion for the formal ending for the last tour to Endor where there was a huge explosion (120′ mushroom cloud explosion) where they blew up the ride and ended the tour officially. It was awesome!!