Original type of teeth light switches used on the Hero Robot?

DSC03818While attending a local building event in Yorba Linda California, a friend of mind (Max Cervantes) brought by a selection of switches that look like they may have been of the type used in the original robot in the series of Lost in Space in the 60’s. Of the 2 sets presented the larger of the 2 sets seems to fit the bill.¬† Brian Nix thought the larger set looked very close¬† (if not the same as) the originals. The set with the brass colored barrels is the smaller set. Take a look at them and let me know if you think either one is the set. If they are then these are in deed a rare find as the switches used in the hero robot havent been made for some time. To date I havent seen any documented pictures or specs of what the orignal switches actually looked like (other than the front facing). So, if anyone can provide additional information it would be appreciated.


Buttons, Lights and Knobs

Ok, we all know that “Blinky” has a few buttons, lights and knobs. We all have our buttons, lights and knobs to deal with…….their blinking …. and their flashing all the time at me……THIER FLASHING AND BEEPING AT ME…..I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE…(ok, think cool thoughts…….the flashing and beeping are going away now………..ohmmmmmmmmm…) OK so much for my reenactment of Bill Shatner on the bridge of Apha Beta Moon base in Airplane II playing a commander of a moon base that has gone slightly askew (who played the captain of the USS Enterprise on Star Trek). I guess irony can be pretty ironic….
Anyhow; back at the farm, Craig Reinbrecht was kind enough to change his design and manufacture ring process for his bezel and buttons to produce a very nice, laser cut product with the correct font for the buttons that match the font used on the Hero robot in the series. It is awesome!
Well, I thought that since he was so kind to make that change that I should reciprocate so I created a functional button backer plate and pressure bar that works on any torso and is designed to use the buttons that were used on the replica robot that Mike sells.
If you attend the May 2008 B9 Build Off in Texas, this is what each B9 builder will get for free. This mounts behind Craig’s bezel. You will use the 2 screws that came with Craig’s Bezel and screw them through the torso into the backer plate and then you will place the pressure plates inside the torso ansd screw the supplied screws to create a sandwich effect. Be careful not to over tighten the plate as you could crack your torso. Make sure you trim the bottom of the neon backplate that is nearest to the Dial Lights. If it is not trimmed closely it will interfere with the button backer plate and prevent pushing the buttons. The switches can be obtained from Mouser. The part number is 633-215kkw016b1jb-r0.
When you insert the switches and the bezel this is what it looks like when finished: