Charging Setup of my B9 **Updated**

Bob Griener has done an excellent PowerPoint presentation for the build off of the Charging circuity of my B9 system as well as an excellent tutorial on how to properly set it up using the listed relays and wiring scheme depending on the battery layout your robot may have. I strongly recommend you follow and use this guide. Bob will go over this design in detail at the build off in a webinar (web seminar).

New Drive Section Design

Because of the weight of my robot I had to change my power system from 12v to 24v. In doing so I had to make room for larger motors and an additional car battery. This has caused a redesign of my robot leg section which has some new engineering challenges. The soil sampler will no longer fit as designed by Mike Joyce. The AC power supplies will no longer fit in the upper leg section becasue the additional battery will need to go in the same location and So my machinist and I will have to redesign it. We will probably use a variation of the screw driver approach, but more on that later.
I changed my motors to the NPC BR81 and Br82 motors with the same rubber wheels I had on my original drive unit. The are 24V 182 RPM and can easily move 550 lbs (so long as your robot is less than 300 lbs the original drive section will work just fine).
These motors can be obtained direct from NPC or you can get them from the However, modifications to these motors are necessary! Brake removed, length shortened and gear plate replaced with drive section bottom plate. It was dissapointing that I couldnt find any motors strong enough that could be installed in a plug and play fashion. Below is a picture of the batteries I use.

Don’t let the tape worry you. It was just a temporary modification to ensure fitment.
Here is the final version of the new drive section & battery compartment:

This is a VERY POWERFUL drive section! High torque AND Speed!!!