Collar & Radar Assembly

Greg Logue makes an outstanding collar for the club. If you have a club torso I highly recommend you get his collar unless you just want to make your own. It is truly a work of art. However, I have a replica torso so my club collar is slightly taller and wider than the replica’s collar. The replica torso with the replica collar is to the left. My replica torso with the club collar is to the right. Most people probably wouldn’t notice the difference unless you had the replica collar side by side.
Specifically, the original collar from the series (I would assume the replica collar is the same) had ribs that were only 3.625″ tall as compared to the club collar which is 4″ tall. It would be nice if the 8 people who got in on the tremendous deal from Mike Joyce months ago for the replica torso & donut could combine forces (I mean resources) to make our own version of the replica collar. If anyone knows of any extra replica collars made then please feel free to let me know. I would most definitely buy one!!
I obtained my radar from Norm Sockwell as well. He did an excellent job of making it. He even assembled it for me since I had surgery on my hand for tendon repair and reconstruction. In preparing to mount the radar for movement I needed to drill mounting holes to mount the 9″ rockler bearing. The club collar holes were designed for the 12″ rockler bearing. I then cut (4) 1.5″ diameter acrylic tubes to the proper height for a smooth rotation of the radar assembly. I would suggest you plastic weld the tube to the radar section and then drill and tap the rods for attachment to the rockler bearing. The collar will also need to be modified to hold the servo motor that actually rotates the radar assembly. The gearing I used was the 9″ internal gear with the new small cog put out by Andrew Schwartz. You will need to use this one if you are using my bubble lifter so the neck shaft will fit and function freely. Below is the gear and the servo used (a JR DS8711 Robotic Servo).