Arm & Elbow Design


Here is a brief overview of what I am trying to do with my B9

Basically the arms will move in or out and then the arms will articulate up and down as they did when the robot was warning the Robinsons of impending danger.

That is more difficult than it sounds. What you see in the picture to the left is the elbow motor. That was the easiest to do. It is a Dewert motor with a cam that moves the forearm 40-60 degrees continuously. It wont hit the bubble or any other part of the robot so long as the arm is fully extended, so you can imagine one needs to ensure that the arm is fully extended before turning the elbow “on”.

The arms will be able to move independently of each other by using a Vantec motor controller RDFR22. Then the Dewert motors will be activated to move the arms up and down (approx a 40-60 degree sweep) by a RC switch. Using the arm with 12v power is too slow when compared to how Bob May moved his arms in the show therefore a 24v power source will be used.