Brain Cup Finger Light Assembly

Brain Cup/Finger Light Assembly
As ydsc02741ou can see from the left most picture the motor is attached to the motor plate using the rubber bushing to decrease the motor noise. The rubber bushings are trimmed away from the crown shaft opening so as not to interfere with shaft rotation. Once you have assembled thdsc031261e motor to the motor plate and then to the neck support piece.; the next step is to assemble the finger light rods into the brain cup. This really isn’t that hard to do. It is really all about coordination and finesse. The key to assembling the finger lights is bending the music wire on one end so you can push the wire with 1 finger. Bend the other end of the wire slightly so as the wire advances straight through the drilled holes in the finger light tubes (that means you need to put a slight curve in the tip of the wire). It might help to sharpen or debur the wire on one end that is piercing the metal finger light rod to ease entry.Lubricating the wire channel in the brain cup also helps. I would recommend you place a small amount of paper or blue tape between the opening of the brain cup and the finger light tube because it is easy to scratch the tubes while threading the music wire through the finger light tubes. Once you have complete this task I would suggest that you emove the tape barrier from the finger light tubes, but cover the area that the push rods and cam would sit in and prime the assembly with a metal etching primer (2 coats). Then apply your base coat and then your clear coat if you want to use one. Once that is done, I would handle the assembly with gloves to keep it clean and free from fingerprints. The next step in the assembly process is to insert the lamp holders. This depends greatly on what you intend on using for lighting. LED or incandescent bulbs. I used flasher bulbs for the finger lights for a totally random effect. If you want to go that way I strongly recommend you use bulb receptacles from Mouser P/N 35LH010. They are T3-1/4 SCRW LMP SOCK Xicon Lamp Holders. They are the best and fit perfectly in the fingerlight tips with a zero residual presence. The Radio Shack lamp receptacles leave a slight lip that is visible and trimming that lip off prevents the bulb from staying secure in the housing!
Once you have secured the brain cup to the neck piece you can place the brain cam into the brain cup, adjusting its position to the desired finger light elevation desired. Lock down the set screw to the crown shaft and you are finished.