A visit with Dick Tufeld

Dick and JerryLast night I had the honor of visiting Dick at his home in California to thank him in person for his time, effort and support of the B9 build off. I know everybody absolutely loved the interview that Dick did at the build off. It was one of the main highlights! The experience was humbling and amazing.  Guy Vardaman was with me and Dick proceeded to tell us about his experiences with the show as well as another sci-fi show he did work on called Space Patrol. If you want to see pictures of a very young Dick Tufeld, look on page 256 of that book. I barely recognized the man!! He then showed us around his home, we saw some very interesting Lost in Space memorabilia just lying around, and then we got to see his pride and joy…his grandchildren. Awesome! What a visit!!! One I will not soon forget!! I think it would be neat if Dick had a full sized robot in his house!!! He seemed to like that idea as well! :)


Interior of Hero Robot

real_robot_011If you look closely you will see the back side of the original switches in this torso. This doesnt really help much in that these could of been protective covers to protect Bob May while he was inside the the suit. Also note how the switches were set into a plastic backplate of sorts. Very interesting how it was installed. I wish there was a greater detailed shot for us to examine.

Original type of teeth light switches used on the Hero Robot?

DSC03818While attending a local building event in Yorba Linda California, a friend of mind (Max Cervantes) brought by a selection of switches that look like they may have been of the type used in the original robot in the series of Lost in Space in the 60’s. Of the 2 sets presented the larger of the 2 sets seems to fit the bill.  Brian Nix thought the larger set looked very close  (if not the same as) the originals. The set with the brass colored barrels is the smaller set. Take a look at them and let me know if you think either one is the set. If they are then these are in deed a rare find as the switches used in the hero robot havent been made for some time. To date I havent seen any documented pictures or specs of what the orignal switches actually looked like (other than the front facing). So, if anyone can provide additional information it would be appreciated.