2010 B9 Buildoff

Well, this year the buildoff was held in sunny Burbank, California at my apartment complex! I have been doing some HIS work for the Providence Health Care system so I decided to take the buildoff on the road as it were instead of holding it in Texas as I usually do. Anyway, this year we focused on the Wrist and Claw buildup and animation of the club standard parts. We had a terriffic turnout and devised several approaches we could use in accomplishing our task. We had several other members show off what they had done in those areas as well. Jeff Gordon and Will Huff showed us what they had done and that was very useful in educating all of us the problems to overcome in claw and wrist articulating. As part of my usual style I never restrict my gatherings to any one type of robot venue. If any robot owner wants to attend they are always welcome because I feel there is alot of cross interest and application between the various groups and we all learn from one another. So in keeping with that, some of the members of the R2 buildersgroup attended the buildoff as well. Pretty soon the apartment complex was swarming with activity with robots of all types and the residents were loving every minute of it! Some of them more than others…….Oh….lovely Southern California ……..anyway….We also had a very special guest drop by to say Hi and make sure we were keeping our bubble headed booby in tip top shape. It was Bob Kinoshita! WOW!! What an honor and at 96 years old, truly amazing that he wanted to come out and say Hi to the group; and we got it all on DVD for those that could not attend!