Soil Sampler remote control

I got a nrce2001ice little remote relay from Team Delta (RCE200A) that activates the soil sampler by using one of the channels on my RC transmitter. This helps add to the realism that my bubble headed booby is actually in control of his own actions to the general public . No one has to push his buttons to activate it or to get the status report of his findings. It hooks up very simply to any open channel on the RC receiver. However, you don’t have to use a channel on your receiver, you can also use any RF transmitter to initiate the action. I used the “A” model I used chip PVN012  and left the dip switch setting at the -33% setting. The left side of the board is connected to the receiver. Please note that the board requires you to switch how the servo wires are oriented before soldering them to the board.  The wires from the right side of the board is connected to the 2 wires that are used to initiate the soil sampler limit switch. I used the landing gear channel on my receiver so whenever I want to initiate the sampler, I just flip the landing gear switch on for a second and then turn it off . It completes the cycle and spells out the report automatically.


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