New Bubble Lifter Design

dsc03408aPart of the redesign efforts of the arms will require me to redesign the CSS and thus will force me to redesign the bubble lifter. If you will recall, my bubble lifter required a central (rear) placement using a fork design and a high torque servo with a power booster. This design worked fine but the servo motor did get warm as it had to maintain a neutral position holding 8 lbs. I used springs to create a servo saver of sorts so it didn’t have to work so hard maintaining a neutral position and that solved that problem. However, the redesign will require an offset approach because of space considerations so that design will not work. This design is a nice retrofit to an existing application and will also work for the new CSSĀ  design when the arms are ready.I decided to use a Dewert motor since I had plenty in stockĀ  but any geared motor capable of generating enough power to lift 10 lbs would suffice. I will make a kit available for the club as this is a nice, affordable and easy to make bubble lifter kit.


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