Have Bubble Lifter will travel

One of the hardest things for my mind to wrap around was the bubble lifter. I can remember trying for hours how to figure out how I could get it to move the way I wanted it to. But no matter what what I tried it just didnt seem to work right. Using the eliptical wheel with the center mounted machined post that Mike made interferred with the internal workings of the finger lights, crown and brain light mechanism and wires.
Then one day I saw an A frame upper control arm hinge in a hobby shop for a RC car and the idea popped into my head on how to control the upper and lower movement without allowing it to sway or rotate the bubble while also allowing me to use the existing motor and electronics for the upper assembly.
This is the result:
Also note the robot servo. It is a strong one! It is a GWS 777 capable of lifting 20 lbs easily. This will allow me to more accurately control the speed, height and control of the bubble and will also allow me to do pre programmed combination actions involving the bubble, radar turning and voice sync to movement for a better presentation.

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