The 2009 Buildoff DVD is Out!!!

DSC04101Thats right. For those unlucky people who werent able to attent this years B9 Buildoff the DVD is out and it is full of  helpful tips, tricks and tutorials! Just like last year you can get your DVD direct from the maker himself, the same guy that does the R2LA videos, Michael McMaster. You can click at the bottom of the Texas Buildoff website at or you can go to his website at They both take you to the same place. You will pay him directly for the DVD. This disk is full with over 6 hrs of tutorials, PDF’s and lots of photos. The DVD features the use of various body fillers like Bondo, Evercoat, Kitty Hair, etc for repairs and construction, How to properly prep the donut for a mobile B9, How to use acryllic to make B9 vents and ribs,  Wiring 12/24v power systems for failsafe operation and internal charging capability, proper event protocol and insurance coverage plus alot more…..

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