Robocon 2011 was awesome!!

Attending this years Robocon put on by Charlie Garcia sponsored by Starfest in Denver, Colorado was excellent. We had much more robot participation and this year had special appearances of the Lunar Lander from the Google team Giant Leap which is sponsored by our very own Mike Joyce. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am proud to be associated with the Lander. Getting our robot up to the moon will be a challenge but it will be great if it gets there! Craig Reinbrecht’s robot costume was awesome. When Tony got inside it was an immediate flashback to the days of Bob May donning “the bucket” for the Lost in Space Show. It brought that cackling cacophony of moronic notions to life! I loved it and so did sooo many other people!!! But getting Tony in and out of the bucket was not so simple (oh, the pain)! I essentially was dead-lifting Tony out of the suit. There was also some excellent work from Bill Hedges on his Tauron Space Crab. I really liked that thing. The only thing I would change would be the spikes. I would make them soft rubber so they wont hurt any one if they get snagged and they wont get broken off (which happened a couple of times at the show).  We had 3 B-9’s at this show plus a Tauron Space Crab, A Lunar lander, 1 mouse droids, 4 R2 units, 2 Gonk droids and 2 scrubber droids. Not bad but it was crowded.We will need a bigger room next time.  Bob Griener and I promised we would get our robots up there next year together…….I hope we can find the time to do it but if we do, they are going to need an entire wing if I can get Wayne Orr’s 30′ trailer. I have 15 robots I can bring….and some of “them” have “friends”. :)

For those of you who maybe considering a B-9 costume, here is what Craig’s robot looks like inside. The optimal size occupant is approximately 5’7 to 5’8″ and a slender to medium build. Lew tried first but he couldnt get his shoulders through the  base opening in the torso. The 2nd hurdle was getting your arms through the torso holes. The 3rd hurdle in this case was not to break the soil sampler when stepping into the leg section.The final hurdle is not being claustrophobic! It gets warm in there and there is very little room inside that bucket. Heat and darkness tends to make some people panic and difficult to breathe. 


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