B9 Brain, Lights and Crown

The B9 Brain was from Scott Sanderson. The basic body was copper coated to hold paint better when I received it. I got some white transparency material and sprayer the frost mist from any crafts store to serve as a diffuser for the brain lights. I also sprayed the frost in the brain eyes to give it that same look from the show. Inside I have Tom’s brain light kit. His kit has clear LED’s. I took some magic markers and colored the LED’s for a special, different effect. The beauty of this is if I don’t like it I can wipe them off and I am back to the standard B9 white lights.
I also like the LEDs because they only require 6 volts and do not produce any noticeable heat. That is very important so over time my bubble wont glaze. In addition, something not every B9’er seems to know is that the top of the brain is mirrored. So I had my lid polished to a mirror finish. I thought about chroming it but I think I got a good enough reflection to get a good effect when the crown is moving and when the upper lights are blinking. You be the judge.
The crown was from Bill Kendzierski. It is a highly polished stainless steel work of art.

One thought on “B9 Brain, Lights and Crown

  1. are the plans for just the top section such as the radarneck and on up including the brain availabel ?, id like to make two of them , but i dont know what size to make the brain and the rest of it , i used to watch the show wnen i was a young man in the 60s and now its not available ofcorse anymore we dont even get any reruns of old shows i miss it and wouldnt mind knowing how to make those parts one for my wife and i ,one for my sister as she would really be surprised, i have an amature radio bacground so it may not be too hard to do for me, i got hurt many years ago on the job so i cant efford to buy one now that im retired and im too young yet for old age retirement yet so thanks for listening to me and best wishes ……….from……….wilf saulnier …in
    nova scotia canada ham call ve1ebs

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