Painting the Battle Droid was probably the easiest thing I had ever done. The day I painted him outside it was warm, no wind and no bugs outside. It was excellent. For Texas that was extremely rare! The blaster I got as a toy and then aged it and made it functional. It has sound and light and can be fired remotely.. I used military Tan, Terra Cotta, flat black, silver and a very small amount of pigs blood for realism of battle conditions. I simulated pitted damage by spraying water droplets on the droid and then spraying flat black paint on top of that and letting it dry. The effect was very impressive.



OK, time to add the motors to control the head and neck. These are simple surplus 12v motors with a simple machined cam to rotate the head and neck to simulate a coordinated movement using the push rods. When they move they trigger a limit switch set for “normally open” and that sets off the CF3 sound to play a series of phrases from Star Wars to entertain the kiddies…… Very simple, very easy. All initiated with a 4 channel remote. I use a Radio Shack microphone stand as the support for the droid.



The first thing I had to do was to cut an access plate to the neck bar so I could mount a control rod and motor mount plate so the head and neck could move whenever I wanted him to talk as they did in the movie. So with my trusty Dremel tool I cut out a small rectangular access plate behind the neck brace which is hidden behind the neck yoke (mostly). I then mounted a secondary plate for the motor push plate for the control rod to control the head movement much like the elevator control horn controls the elevator on an airplane control surface. I then installed the clevis head and control rods along the neck brace to hide them from plane site



Assembling a Battle Droid

by Jerry Chevalier

dsc00711The battle droid came as a ready made kit from Mardon in the Phillipines. All I had to do was assemble him. He had some minor damage to the neck area from inadequate packing which Mardon fixed immediately. I modified the battle Droid by cutting the backpack off so I could install the sound card, speakers, motors and servos for the head so it could move and tell people they were …uh…under arrest! The first thing I had to do was assess what I had to work with and where I would be placing the hardware for the electronics.